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We Handle Your Start Up, Accounting and Corporate Taxes; You Run Your Business

Sound Financial Management From a Highly Skilled Team

Running a business in any industry can be quite challenging. In order to make a mark, you must deliver the products and services you promised your customers. Likewise, you need to make sure your tax and accounting records are updated and in order. You would not want your company to miss out on any Government Reporting Dates and be charged all sorts of interest and penalties,  due to missed filing dates and/or an important detail on your records.

Yes, it entails a lot of work. But why not just focus on running your business and let the specialists at 10037923 Canada Inc. address your tax and accounting needs? If you are planning to establish a new business, we can help you organise and plan your accounting needs and make the tax season hassle-free for you. 

The Scope of Our Services

  • Corporate Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Personal Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Accounting Program Setup

  • Employee Placement and Training

  • Government Reports and Year-End Reports Preparation

  • Incorporation (Includes Minute Book)

You can take advantage of our professional services for a small monthly fee. We cater to clients primarily in Montreal, Quebec, but we gladly provide our services throughout Canada.

Allow Us to Do the Extra Work

It is our mission to take the burden of doing tax and accounting records from you. We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team to get the job done accurately and on schedule.

What Makes Our Services Stand Out

This company saves you time and money, avoiding the run around and foot work required to get going. Once you are set up, we offer you peace of mind and complete one on one service to meet your company’s needs.

About Our Business

10037923 Canada Inc. offers our clients financial savings every day and especially during tax season.

Meet Our Owner

Laura has worked with various businesses for many years. With the experience acquired in different offices, banks,  and government situations, she is able to keep your books accurate, meet government deadlines, and help you avoid costly mistakes in all areas of your business.

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